Tips To Add Japanese Style For Interior Design

Adding a touch of Zen elements for interior design has been common today. Zen style is identical with Asian style, now in this article, i would like to emphasize Zen elements for interior design with Japanese style.

There are many ways to add Japanese styles to your interior design because Japanese designs have modest designs based on Japanese cultures which influences to Japanese architecture and interior design. You need to know that Japanese culture loves nature, so by adding a touch of nature in interior design, you can implement this design by adding Japanese plants such as bonsai.

If you have ever seen old Japanese movies, then you should see Japanese traditional home which has sliding doors or screens called as Shoji. You can implement Shoji to your home, these screens/ sliding doors are made of good transparent paper held inside a wooden frame.

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Modular Sofa As Best Solution For Small Living Room

Nowadays, Designing for a small room is not as difficult as used to be, because now there are many practical ways as the best solution are available even without sacrificing in aesthetics of home designing. For instance, one of the way to outsmart small space in living room is by using a modular sofa, this is the best way for amalgamation convertible living rooms.

Modular sofa Consists of 3 units of armchair, a chaise-lounge and a sofa for two, This way is really works as It has minimalist concept for minimalist living room. Usage of neutral color also creates integration and harmonious easily to various of modern interiors, this method can be applied from small home to large apartment and even for public room place.

The benefit of using Modular sofa design is that this design is not time consuming or specific capability to design, even amateur person can do this. This modular sofa is best concept that can intrigue people to try at their home because the 3 seating sofas are coming with various colors which may fits with your interior color.

What make Male designers are popular today

Have you ever thought that nowadays, men also have amazing decorating taste?. Do you need some evidences? Just read articles about decorating or home design, then you will realize that most of awesome and influential designs were created by male designers.

Nowadays, many of male designers have added a teasing touch to their designs both of exterior and interior that amazing, influential and inspiring. Even, in 2014, male designers have been acknowledged by world designers since their masterpieces have inspired millions of people around the world to apply their designs for their lovely houses through television, sites and many more.

There are many factors why men, especially for male designers have a great taste for home design. If you are a man, you must aware that each man has been given wider vision than women. Secondly, each man has been given logical thought.  It’s different with women which prefer to rely on their heart and emotion even without logical thought.